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Building Relationships Through Photography Everyday!

          Tracy Sample has been building relationships through photography for over 40 years. He is the founder of GoFly Media LLC. an aerial photography company specializing in the use of drones for real estate. Tracy is a certified part 107 drone pilot with over 2 years experience and several hundred hours of flying time

(that's an eternity in this new emerging field). Tracy is also a licensed private pilot with 30 years of aviation knowledge and hundreds of flight hours. His drone work includes both commercial and residential real estate as well as the filming of several television commercials for Dave Arbogast Buick GMC and White Castle. Tracy's advice for anyone looking to hire a drone pilot is to ask if they are insured. If they say anything other than yes, be careful. This would be a red flag that they probably don't have the necessary skill or aeronautical knowledge to operate their equipment in a safe and responsible manner. This could put you and your client at great risk. Tracy carries 1,000,000 in liability coverage and is compliant with all FAA regulations, so you can feel safe in knowing you are covered if anything should happen. Tracy is also a highly sought after portrait and landscape photographer in the Louisville, KY area and has won numerous awards for his photography. Let us help you strengthen your relationships with your customers with our services and expertise. Call us to schedule a property shoot and discover all the benefits we can offer. Lets build relationships together!

Warmest regards,

Tracy Sample

Tracy Sample
Founder and CEO
Andrew King
Website Developer
Dr. Julie Sample
VP Marketing
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