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Using the 80:20 Rule in Your Business

The rule teaches us that time and effort on the 20% that really matters will deliver 80 percent of the results we seek. The rule can also work against us in reverse. When we focus on the 80% that doesn't matter, we get 20% of the result we want.

My point is this: Leveraging your listings media assets(20% of the effort) i.e. photography, floor plans, and video, coupled with a property website. You will gain 80% of your lead generation. The key is capturing the leads that are engaging with your content. This can be accomplished through a clear call to action in the marketing material. The goal is to drive traffic to your website to gain contact information for our database. If you can offer something of value in exchange for the email or phone number you have an excellent chance of a successful exchange, and the beginning of a relationship. Think of your marketing as an investment portfolio. They say the 3 things to a good investment strategy are. Diversify, diversify, diversify! I believe a good social media campaign, print campaign, and face to face are great tools for this. Nurture your contacts into some kind of sales funnel, and be sure to give something of value back in exchange. It all starts with great photography. Remember 80:20

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