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Tuning Your Real Estate Marketing

I recently found some interesting data from the NAR regarding what key factors buyers want to see when looking for a new home.

First they want photos. 89 percent of people searching for a home said photos are the most important tool in their search. Not just photos from a cell phone or a point and shoot. The photos must be clear and tell an accurate story of the space and the relationships of the adjoining spaces. Still photos are the most efficient way of telling the story and beginning that emotional connection to the home.

Next on the list is detailed information about the property for sale. This can be room dimensions, updates, neighborhood or community information ect. The report says that 85 percent of buyers want this type of information and the more detailed the better.

Floor plans are next on or list. Photos alone cannot tell the viewer how the house is laid out, so we need to provide more visual information. Floor plans are a perfect way to explain spacial relationships, coupled with still photos they can really begin to fill in the missing pieces. Remember, over 80 percent of home buyers are shopping for these houses via the internet.

50 percent of home shoppers say that virtual tours are important in the buying process. I believe this to be more true with the younger buyers and folks that are moving longer distances. My wife and I recently moved to a new state and as we looked at homes online found a lot of frustration with the lack of visuals and detailed information. We spent 5-6 hours over 4-5 weekends physically driving to look at our list of houses. If this tool had been provided on these sites we would have significantly narrowed our search and cut that time in half. The process wore us down so much we were almost ready to choose a house that would have been poorly suited for us. Thank god we came to our senses and picked the right house. I believe the reason floor plans and virtual tours are hovering at 50-55 percent is that agents have not adopted this in their marketing yet.

The home buying process can be very stressful and exhausting but with the right tools and information this stress can be reduced so better home buying decisions can be made.

Gofly Media is here to help! We have invested in the latest technology to provide our agents with their marketing. We provide the highest quality photography in the industry. We offer Aerial photography and videography services. Community photos that showcase the value of living in a particular neighborhood. We have studied what buyers are asking for and we now deliver on the top 4 according to the National Association of Realtors.

Stay tuned to this blog for more marker research and technology ideas to make the real estate shopping process more enjoyable.

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